Snapheal Photography Software for Mac – Impression and Review

Snapheal is an user friendly, portable image editing software. Images can be edited, cropped and modified in just a few clicks. You just need to know a few controls to learn the basic of this excellent masterpiece.

The Controls: It’s Fun and Easy!

On the startup, Snapheal instrucs. There are three options- import, drag & drop and load a picture. Choose the most fitted option for you and upload the image you want to edit.

After you have uploaded the image in the Snapheal taskbar you will see that there are five modules. The first one is ‘Erasing’, which is also one of the most important tool in Snapheal. Next comes ‘stamp and a clone’.

It also offers some of the basic tools of editing like adjust, rotate, exposure, contrast, cropping and retouch. At the extreme top head there are options for sharing, saving, undoing etc.

Create Miracle with Few Clicks!

Snapheal offers to solve some complicated image editing work at ease. You can create stunning photo effects in just a few clicks away. It maintains the original image quality even if you erase the image partially and retouch it afterwards. After erasing a portion of the image, it polishes the image fantastically.

As a result, viewers cannot identify the actual place of editing. The easing is done in a very simple way. The detailed process is as follows:-

1. Select the area to be erased.

2. Click on “Erase” button.

3. Wait for some time.

4. Erasing is now complete.

Thus erasing with Snapheal is fun and easy. It displays some fun facts while loading. This feature is quite interesting.


One of the major drawbacks of Snapheal is the loading time. It takes a considerable time to load the edited image.

Sometimes you might notice a black hole at the center of your image. It creeps the image quality.

There are chances of crashing while loading the DSLR images also.


Besides the drawbacks, there remains no doubt that it is a very useful and easy application. Mainly developed for the normal users, Snapheal will fetch a good grade from them.

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