iOS 6: What’s In It For You

Apple iOS 6 was unveiled at WWDC 2012 adding to the excitement of Apple users as well as developers. This new iOS is smarter than its predecessors making you perform your task efficiently. There are more than 200 updates over iOS 5. Want to know which are they and how they will be useful to you? Keep reading below.

Features of iOS 6

Facebook Integration

If you remember Twitter integration in iOS 5, the one with Facebook in iOS 6 works in similar fashion. You just have to log in into your Facebook account and rest will be taken care of operating system. Now you will have access to Facebook through apps, web browser and even Siri. Developers are also made available with this facility so that they can integrate Facebook access in their apps. Once you sync contacts with your friends on Facebook, their birthdays will get saved into iPhone Calendar.

You can even update information about your location with close syncing of new Maps app and Facebook. Using Game Centre, you can even post game scores. Apps that make use of Facebook integration will only ask you once for permission so that users don’t have to log in again and again into their Facebook account.


Siri was the biggest attraction of iOS 5 and with new version of mobile OS from Apple being  unveiled, Siri has got some improvements and also new devices. You read it right! Siri will be available on new iPad now and performs much more than just listening to your commands. It can now launch apps and also tweet for you. There were some hacks available in market that made “old” Siri tweet for you but now Apple has provided this feature within new Siri.

If you are a sport fanatic, Siri is your best friend to pull out scores, stats and news from Internet. It will also be bundled with hands-free integration to be used in cars.


Apple says goodbye to Google Maps and has instead come up with its own Maps app. Combining services with Yelp, Apple will also build its own traffic update service that will provide real-time, crowd-sourced data about streets in the city. 3D models from C3 technologies will be utilized for pleasing and interactive experience. This app is still in its beta stages and thus even for big cities like New York, it offers poor images. It works too bad when it comes to transit directions but Apple says they are working on it before final release.


With this feature, now you can point out only those people whose mail you want to hear from and this app will notify you for any update from these VIP senders. After a long wait, Apple mail app now allows to attach images and videos directly into mail.

Apps, Browser and PassBook

Many times we miss a call due to meetings or when we are driving and later completely forget to return this call. Well, not any more! New iPhone App takes care provides you timely reminders to call back or message a person later if you are currently busy. “Do Not Disturb” mode will not notify you when new messages will arrive on your device. It will prevent screen from lighting up or making any noise.

FaceTime is another incredible feature that will work on cellular connections. Added advantage is, when someone calls your phone, you can attend that call from iPad or Mac.

Apple browser Safari is getting Instapaper like feature called offline Reading List. Developers can add App Banners to websites to advertise their new apps. Users just have to touch banner and apps will get downloaded and will be installed.

PassBook is alternative of Google Wallet. It will collect information of all your loyalty cards, tickets, etc and will provide easy access. It is location based and thus will know which card to bring forward based on location.


Apple iOS 6 will be available to developers immediately. Users can get their devices updated in Fall. It will be available on iPhone 3GS and later, second generation iPads and onwards and also for fourth generation iPods or later. We are having very good expectations from this release; picture will be clear very soon.

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