How to Import Facebook Birthdays in Google Calendar

In last few years Facebook has emerged as probably the best social networking site with more than 800 million users accessing the website on daily basis. The feature which I found most useful apart from making new friends is “Upcoming Birthdays”! Believe it or not, I used to have hard time remembering hundreds of birthdays throughout the year. But with Facebook reminding me about birthdays on daily basis, I can now employ that small amount of memory I possess elsewhere. Jokes apart; Facebook really does a great job.

What about those poor creatures, who don’t have access to Facebook at workplace? Well, there is a solution. If you don’t have access to Facebook at workplace and yet you don’t want to miss out friend’s birthdays, you can now export your birthdays on Facebook to Gmail calendar, Microsoft Outlook and even to Apple iCal.

Steps to import Facebook birthdays in Google Calendar

1. Go to your Facebook home page and click on “Event” link located beneath your profile picture.

2. Now once you’ve been redirected to events page, click on drop down menu option situated at top right corner and select “Birthdays”.

3. Upon hitting “Birthdays” menu, your page will reload. Now again open same drop down menu and click on “Export Birthdays”.

4. This will generate a popup with one link displayed on it, copy that link down.

5. Now go to Google Calendar and click on “Other Calendars” menu which is located at left hand side.

6. Upon hitting the drop down menu, you will see option “Add by URL”; click on it.Paste the URL into the popup window, which you copied down from Facebook and click on add calendar.

7. Once you’ve clicked on “Add calendar”, you’ll get “Friends’ Birthdays” option beneath “Other Calendar” option. At this step you’re done.

Now one great option, which Google has come up with, is that users can set up reminders for upcoming birthdays. To set such reminder, click on drop down menu located next to our newly added “Friends’ Birthday”. This drop down menu has options which will let you set up reminders.

So this is it. Let us know if you depend on Facebook for remembering birthdays of your buddies or not and also will you be exporting your birthdays to other calendars or not through comments.

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