Google Drive: All What You Need To Know

Cloud storage has become a hit due to its functionality and effective usage. With more and more customers getting attracted to this innovative service, technology biggies have started stepping their foot into business of cloud storage. Recently, Microsoft announced SkyDrive for Windows and two days back, Google came up with Google Drive, a cloud storage platform for Google users. Google Drive is very easy to use and follow through. Here are some features of this new service from Google.

In Google Drive, you can access, share and store your pictures, documents, videos, music and everything with just a drag-and-drop. By this mean, sharing project with your partner or sharing photos with your family is just a single click away. To get started with Google Drive, visit their official site.Three dominant features of Google Drive are as follows:

Create, Edit and Share

For those who have used Google Docs, there is no need to highlight importance of this online service where we can open almost any document with any format and edit it. Google Drive has Google Docs integrated with it. It allows users to edit documents in real time with other people. Once document is ready to show off, you can share it with others. You can also add comments on documents and keep track of replies from others.

Safety and Any Time Access

Yes, its very secure. Your files once uploaded remain secure and accessible to other under your permission only. Google Drive has its own app for Android. You can even download installer for Windows or Mac to make it accessible from your desktop. Thus, you can actually access your documents in Google Drive while at home or office or even in the lift thanks to these apps and installers. An iOS app will soon be available as confirmed on official Google blog. Google has made prevision for blind peoples too where they can access Drive with screen reader. There are possibilities of integration of Google Drive with Gmail and Google+ in near future.

Search What You Wish To

Google Drive uses a special technology Optical Character Recognition where it can actually find out text from scanned image. Suppose you have uploaded a scanned copy of assignment and now want to search for a specific word from that document, Google Drive will make your task easier. It also works with images where a photo from India Tour can be used to search Indian tourist attractions on Internet. This technology is in its birth state but will evolve in coming months.

Google Drive allots you 5 GB of free space initially. It can be extended with little bucks as per requirements. You can upgrade to

  • 25 GB for $2.49/month
  • 100 GB for $4.99/month
  • 1 TB for 49.99/month

When you choose for any premium upgrade, your Gmail account space also gets upgraded by 25 GB. Google Drive is expected to be filled with lot more functionality in coming months that includes tasks like sending faxes or editing videos. Here is a quick video explaining what you can do with Google Drive.

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