Best way to fix all errors on kodi

To fix all the errors on kodi, you need to understand the basic working of kodi. So this article contains two section first why an error occurs and how to fix them in simple terms. Kodi is a complete package, most of the error occurs due to missing dependencies or important files. So updating kodi solves some of the issues. Other are related to hardware. you need to diagnose those manually and solve them. Let’s proceed to our diagnosis steps


One common pop up message we get is failed to install a dependency kodi error. If you are getting such error then just update all the addons. Mostly this will solve the issue. Missing files is one of the main reason for errors. Most of the users, go for the third-party addons, most of these addons are developed as a hobby.  So the maintenance will be questionable. So make you are using the most known best kodi addons like Exodus, Neptune Rising, Covenant, etc. These are the some of the addons with the large user base, so the addon code is reviewed on the certain interval for better performance.

You can use the indigo addon to update all the addons at once. This might be one of the easiest ways to update all the addons at once. Install indigo kodi addon from TVaddons Repository. Open Indigo kodi addon and navigate to maintenance tools and select force update addons. This will update all your addons in a single click.


Sometimes your addons may be up to date. But the supporting files from the repository are outdated. So you need to update the repository in order to maintain the sync. But there is no specific addon to update all repo at once. You need to update all the repository manually. It’s a bit time-consuming process, but its worth a try!  hope some addons will be released for it in the near future. Make Sure to update all the Repository.


Finally, if still, you are still facing the same issue, then there might be an issue with your kodi. So to be on safer side you can update kodi. Most of the codes for new addons are written based on the latest version. So having an outdated version of kodi may cause a certain issue. Right now kodi krypton 17.6 is the most used version of kodi. And Kodi Leia 18 beta version has been released. To update your kodi, head to kodi official site ( and download the latest version of kodi from the pre-release > downloads section. And install it. It will ask to overwrite the existing version. Select “NO”. Giving YES will delete all your data and only new version will be installed.


95% these methods will solve your issue. If you are still facing the issue, then try to factory reset kodi. No other way! your data will be lost. This will fix the issue for sure. You can also try to take a backup by using indigo kodi addon. And the factory reset it. If your kodi works properly, restore only addons data.

These are the sequential steps to fix all the kodi errors. Hope the article is clear. if you are still facing the issue, do let me know. We will try to help you.

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