Best Kodi Skins of 2018 to Improve the UI

We all know that Kodi is an unimaginable powerful application. This media player software is well known for its versatility. It supports almost all popular platform, various types of media files and mainly its all for free-of-cost. One more important thing about Kodi is its liberty of customizing. In this article, we will tell you how to change the User Interface without any high-level change.

What are kodi skins?

The skins or the Interface are the options to change your Kodi’s UI appearance. By applying the skins, the UI change the main menu in look-wise and change the way the user navigation with the library content. The default skin in Kodi is Estuary Skin and it is popular for its easy navigation.

There is a lot of options available when it comes to Kodi skins. You can find more information about kodi skins at

Selecting the best skin is based on the user preference. It is very easy to switch between different skins and install new skins.

How to install Skins on kodi

In order to change the kodi skin, first, we need to download it. Once a skin is installed, it will be stored and it enables you to change the available skins whenever you wish even without any internet connection.

  • ¬†Launch your kodi.
  • Select the Settings Icon at the left side of the home page.
  • Now select the Interface Settings.
  • Click on Skin >> Skin.
  • A tab will pop-up, there will be a get more option.
  • On selecting it, a list of skins will appear. Select the preferred skin.
  • Click yes if you like to restore the changes.

you can use this to navigate within the Estuary skin. However, this may vary for other skin. To find the Interface Setting in other skins, Use the System Tab.

Best Skins for kodi


Titan is one the best and most elegant kodi skin. This skin is known for its simplicity. It provides the information in a clear way and is easy to navigate. To be more precise, a lot of things will be happening on the screen but it will not inordinate you. Titan skin is a modularity. It means the appearance of large icons and grids of movie posters. There is a special mention for the main navigation bar customization. It will adjust as per your screen size. This will keep you busy as it has a plenty of customizing options.

2. Aeon Nox

This is one of the prominent skin of kodi releases. Aeon Nox is a fully featured skin which can completely change the way you use kodi. Firstly, it gives importance to the large visuals. The movies and Tv shows are set for a grid of posters appearance and it can be navigated in different ways. This skin is used in a lot of kodi builds which includes the popular No-Limit Magic Build. This skin is known for its futuristic and simple appearance.

3. Confluence

Confluence is a significant skin for the kodi user community. This is used as the default skin for many kodi releases. It is easy to install and restore this skin. Confluence is based ofn the visual heavy elements with many sparkling UI elements and with a lot of descents. It is not suited for users who prefer trendy and minimalistic skins. The main menu will be viewed vertically along with the subcategories. It uses metadata of your media content to display the info of individual title.

We have explained the best kodi skin. You can also see the below list to explore more.

  • GRID
  • BOX
  • Amber
  • Mimic
  • Unity
  • Rapier


We have provided you with the best list of skins which can change the way you use the kodi. If you have any suggestion with the content provided or any betterment suggestion, kindly comment below.

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